Tacos by Fiesta Mexicana Clayton

New Quesabirrias

Three corn tortillas seasoned in beef consome and stuffed with shredded beef and cheese. Topped with cilantro and onions and served with rice and comsome.

Fish Tacos 

A classic! Fried or grilled tilapia battered and marinated, topped with lettuce and Pico de Gallo. Served with rice and beans with special sauce on the side.

Street Tacos 

Three corn tortilla soft tacos with your choice of the following meat, onions, cilantro and homemade hot sauce. Severed with rice and beans.
Carne Asada ( Grilled Steak)
Pollo Asada ( Grilled Chicken)
Carnitas ( Braised Pork)
Campechanos ( Chorio & Steak)
Al Pastor ( Marinated Pork)
DeLengua ( Beef Tongue)
Chorizo ( Mexican Sausage)


 Tacos Platter

Six mini tacos, one carnitas, one grilled chicken, one steak, one chorizo, one pastor and one fish. Severed with onions, cilantro lime and tomatillo sauce on the side.